Fishbourne Roman Palace is now open every day.  Please check timings and safety precautions on the website of the Sussex Archaeological Society, owners of the site.

A mysterious Roman helmet that pre-dates the Roman invasion of Britain is on display along with other pre-invasion artefacts – a sword scabbard fitting and an Iron Age crucible.

In terms of what these objects mean for understanding of our Roman past, visitors to the exhibition will find that their guess is as good as the experts’.

The helmet, known as the Oyster Helmet of Chichester, is one of just four Coolus helmets in the UK. It was produced during the first century AD, before the Romans began their conquest of Britain. It was acquired by the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1893, and though much of its journey has been lost to history, it is thought to have been found in the mud flats at Chichester Harbour, just a few miles from the Palace.

The scabbard fitting, which is made of copper alloy like the Chichester Helmet, sparks further debate. Though it is Roman, it was found in an Iron Age ditch. The crucible offers yet more evidence of Iron Age Britons having interacted with Romans pre-invasion. It contains cast brass, a Roman invention that requires zinc, a material which is not native to the UK.


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To help it recover from the lockdown, when no money was coming in, the Palace needs lots of visitors so come along if you possibly can, encourage friends and acquaintances, and spend what you can spare in the cafe, the bookshop and the giftshop.



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