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Our June 2022 newsletter has articles about an intriguing helmet on display, processing finds in the store, and the forthcoming new guidebook. It also contains important information about this year's AGM, and how to ensure the future of the Friends. Finally read about the Palace as a crime scene ...

 The Friends' Archive

A young visitor  with Richard  Bridgland, Kim and John Brinded, some of Fishbourne's military volunteers.

The Friends have enjoyed so many excellent talks and newsletter articles in the past which it would be a shame to neglect. So here is a selection for readers to discover or re-read. (T indicated a report of a talk given to the Friends.)

Fishbourne Palace - A Roman Theme Park - Gordon Hayden  2012 T

Pottery Production in Lincolnshire - Ian Rowlandson October 2012 T

Roman Mosaics - Stephen Cosh October 2012 T

The Archaeology of Beer – Rob Symmons June 2013 T

The Serpent of the Nile – Helen Poole June 2013 T

Barrow Cemeteries and Burial Practices – Stuart Needham June 2014 T

The Relationship between Chichester and the Rest of Britain – Miles Russell June 2014 T

The Zoo of Togidubnus - Naomi Sykes October 2014 T

How to Survive the Ice Age in Sussex – Matt Pope October 20174T

The High Weald Coin Hoard - Guy Lockton February 2015

The Romano-German Villa at Borg - Guy Lockton February 2015

The Danebury Environs Roman Programme – Barry Cunliffe June 2015 T

Romulus and Remus – from the Steppes of Central Asia? -  Guy Lockton October 2015

Fishbourne’s magnificent shield of Mithras - Guy Lockton October 2015

Two Heads are better than One: Nero - M & N Haskins February 2016

The Arrival of the Romans – Kay Ainsworth June 2016 T

When is a Palace not a Palace? - Guy Lockton June 2016

People of the Heath – M and N Haskins October 2016

The Fishbourne Contubernium – John Brinded February 2017

Chester Roman Amphitheatre - Tony Wilmott May 2017 T

Fishbourne’s Amazing Gardens - Guy Lockton June 2017

Otium – the Emperor Tiberius and Capri – M & N Haskins October 2017

The London Mithraeum - Joan Rundle June 2018

Neanderthals of the Western English Channel - Beccy Scott June 2019 T
Conquest by cattle - Rob Symmons February 2020

Chichester asparagus - Nick Sturt February 2021

Another Roman import - Alex Lockton July 2021

Recreating the Sparsholt Villa mosaic at Butser Ancient Farm - Trevor Creighton November 2021 T


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